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Our History

Matthew 16:18 “Upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

In 1917, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, pioneers William Demby, Charles Demby, Isaac Holly, William Payne and Theodore Peters built a local church building to worship in.  The pioneers worked long hard hours to clear the property which was total forestry.  The pioneers had no machinery to clear the way, just sheer manpower and the use of axe, pick and shovel to complete the job.  Upon the clearing of the land, a little wooden church was built and established. 

The first Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church was the late Pastor E. Smith who served for a very short time, followed by the late Pastor Renner, the late Pastor Simpson and the late Pastor Liza Scott.  Under Pastor Scott’s leadership, electricity was installed and the wood stove was changed to an oil burner.


In 1958, the late Pastor Latta Hall was selected to become Pastor; he served for 27 years.  Pastor Hall gave his labor, time, teaching and preaching, and God gave unto him the vision to build a new church because the old building had begun to deteriorate and a new place to worship was needed.  With the sacrifice of time, talent and money, a new church was built in 1980.  Also under Pastor Hall’s leadership, three (3) men were called to preach and teach the Gospel: Elder Charles Middleton, Elder Joseph Jones and Elder Melvin Tucker.  The late Pastor Fred N. Hall, Jr. succeeded Pastor Hall to lead the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

In 1992, the late Pastor Edward White Sr. was chosen to lead the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Under his leadership: the membership grew, six (6) men were called to preach and teach- Elder Nazireth Lyons, Elder Jerry Parker, Elder Clifford Lonesome, Elder Rickie Johnson, Elder Curtis Epps, and Minister Kirk Knockett; nine (9) Deacons were ordained: Deacon Jerry Parker, Deacon Duward Grice, Deacon James Greene, Deacon Trevor Marsh, Deacon Terry Thomas, Deacon Lyndell Capitol, Deacon Alonzo Lee, Deacon Michael Benham, and Deacon Kirk Knockett.  Under Pastor White’s leadership, Ebenezer obtained Tax Exempt Incorporation Status in 1991, the parking lot was resurfaced, a church van was purchased, a new sound system was installed, the choir lofts were extended, new lights were installed, the front porch was built, and a new roadside sign and a new steeple were installed.  Through faithfulness in the Lord, and with praise and glory to God, on February 24, 2014, EBC held a pilgrimage from the old Sanctuary for the first service to be held in the new church.  On September 14, 2014, Pastor White relinquished his role as Senior Pastor giving way to Elder Jerry L. Parker, establishing him as the new Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The Installation Service for Pastor Jerry L. Parker was held on October 31, 2014 with his first sermon provided to the congregation on November 2, 2014.  Under his leadership, the membership has tripled; one Minister was ordained: Elder Kirk Knockett; two were called to the Ministry: Minister Eyvonne H. Capitol and Minister Kwame L. Parker; and three Deacons were ordained Deacon Eric Eure, Deacon Darryl Halsey, and Deacon Easton Nicholson.  Also under Pastor Parker’s leadership: new construction for the Pastor’s Study and Trustees Office were completed; the former church building was officially converted into the Education Building and Fellowship Hall; Standard Operating Procedures for the church ministries were established; Bible Studies were expanded to include: the Young Adult Sunday School Class, the Women’s Biblical Studies Ministry, and the Perryman Senior Home Bible Study; and 14 ministries were created, the: ANCHORED Young Adult Ministry, Children’s Church, Empowered Youth Ministry, Faces of Grace Dance Ministry, Intercession Prayer Ministry, Media Ministry, Men and Women’s Jail Ministries, Men’s Ministry, Pastoral Care and Support Ministry, Praise and Worship Team, Safety and Security Ministry, Street Evangelism Ministry, and Tutoring Class for the children of Ebenezer and the local community.  Additionally, the Nursing Home Ministry was expanded in 2016 so that each month a different EBC Ministry leads the Worship Service; four (4) community service projects were completed including: Red Cross donations in 2014, 2017 and 2018 to aid storm victims, and a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in 2017; and the Mother Eva Pleasant Scholarship was established in 2017.


There have been many wonderfully blessed moments in Ebenezer’s history, and there will likely be many more as we move to honor our spiritual ancestors and continue to grow Ebenezer into the church that God wants it to be.  We pray that God will continue to bless the Ebenezer Baptist Church in all of our future endeavors.